PennTRAIN Virtual Training: Securement 101 & 102

  • 09/11/2023
  • 09/11/2024
  • Online: Access granted after registration



Q’Straint / Sure-Lok is pleased to offer the innovative On-Line Training Courses at a special discounted rate for PPTA membership:

Securement 101: Basic Wheelchair Securement Training

This on-demand, interactive course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to wheelchair securement best practices. Through a series of four lessons, transportation providers will learn how to operate a variety of 4-point securement systems currently available and understand how to properly secure passengers with special needs and their wheelchairs. Each lesson concludes with a quiz, highlighting levels of competence. Supervisors are able to track their students’ progress and see which topics require more attention. This course is ideal for new hires, experienced drivers, and safety trainers. Passing students will receive a certificate of completion valid for two years. You can learn more about the course here:

Securement 102: Securing Difficult Mobility Devices (BRAND-NEW) 

Over 30 years after ADA changed the transportation landscape throughout North America by guaranteeing passengers with disabilities access to public transportation, providers still consistently struggle to safely secure many mobility devices. This advanced course addresses this challenge by building on the principles covered in Securement 101: Basic Wheelchair Securement Training, to provide transportation directors, supervisors, and trainers with a wide range of strategies, tips, and recommendations to help their agencies effectively secure and safely transport the most difficult mobility devices. The first four lessons of the course explore the factors that have contributed to this dynamic, explain what it really means for a mobility device to be effectively secured during transportation, and provide troubleshooting practices for complex powered mobility devices, scooters, and occupant securement use. The final lesson of course offers a series of best practice recommendations, based on our more than 35 years of industry experience, that can help transportation providers greatly reduce the risk these devices pose to the safety of their passengers and the liability of the agency. You can learn more about the course here:

Cost (with PPTA member discounted rate): 

PPTA members will receive 20-88% off their total course purchase.  The pricing for the courses is as follows:

  • $49.99 per student ($39.99 with PPTA 20% discount)
  • > 20 students = $24.99 per student ($14.99 with PPTA 70% discount)
  • > 50 students = $16.99 per student ($6.99 with PPTA 88% discount)

Access to trainings: Access is granted after registration. Payment is required on the Q’STRAINT website (information will be provided).

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